Fast changing business environments, growing complexity and increased competitive challenges are making it difficult for companies to focus on their core business. Some of the challenges being faced today include:

  • Rapid scaling for short term, high volume tasks
  • Margin and cost pressures
  • Inability to market on time
  • Business continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Sourcing high end pool of talented resources

Depending on the customer’s maturity levels in global sourcing, they can adopt different engagement models to best suit their current needs:

  • Captive Center
  • Joint Ventures
  • BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)
  • Offshore Development Center – Dedicated (ODC)
  • On-Site Services
Accel provides convenient outsourcing options to assure a cost effective and on time delivery with guaranteed quality. We provide measurable performance parameters in order to evaluate ODC’s performance against timeliness and quality. It is all about reducing your risks and costs, while improving quality of deliverables.

  • Customer Value

    • Accel will work with its customers to establish outsourcing needs and realize product/ software roll out plans.
    • We will station an onsite program manager to speed up development and facilitate communication flow.
    • Using Accel‘s flexible work force option, our customers can augment their strength without going through the challenges of recruiting full time employees.
    • We provide complete visbility of project work being done by the team in India. Our customers can use our tool, “NetCollaborator” to monitor project progress on a daily basis.
    • Customers can focus on their core activity leaving software development activities with the ODC.
    • At any point in time, our customers have the freedom to ask Accel Frontline to carry out R&D on a new technology and concept and come out with a workable proof of technology, along with market validation and reports
  • Specialized OPD Models

    • ODC for Embedded Software Development
    We offer ODCs specialized for development of embedded systems. Such an ODC offers expertise in RTOSs, CPUs, Microcontrollers, Protocol Stacks and a diverse group of devices. The ODC engineers are experts in kernel modifications and optimizations of Microsot Windows CE, .NET, Windows XP or Linux. They understand the demands and complexities of scheduler, memory management, system calls, interrput handling and device management.
    • ODC for Telecom & Datacom Development
    Accel has a decade of experience in developing switching systems, large network management solutions for IP and MPLS network and operations support systems for wireline, wireless (GSM, GPRS, CDMA), 3G and IP. We are specialized in offering ODCs specialized in developing solutions for Telcos and ISVs. Such ODCs have used Java/ J2EE based Network Applications Platform (NAP) for real time traffic monitoring, analysis and performance management applications
  • Benefits

    • Keep focus on their core business
    • Augment ability to respond faster to customers market opportunities
    • Ability to increase customers development capacity on demand
    • Control growing headcount
    • Extend technical expertise
    • Reduce development costs by upto 60%